Alexandria is a big city in Egypt that is known as "The Pearl of the Mediterranean". It has a unique culture and Mediterranean atmosphere that makes it different from other cities in the country. Despite being close to Cairo, which is only 225 km away, Alexandria has its own charm and is worth visiting.   The city became famous because of its location near the Nile River and on the Mediterranean coast. Alexander the Great chose this place because of its good harbor that could connect the pharaonic world with the new Hellenistic world he was creating. Alexandria became one of the most important cities in the world with a famous library, grand palaces, and a local god called Serapis.   Alexandria was founded by Alexander the Great in 331 BC and was once one of the most famous cities in the world. It was Egypt's capital for almost one thousand years and was later replaced by Fustat. Fustat was then absorbed into Cairo after the Muslim conquest of Egypt in 641 AD.   Today, Alexandria is built on the ruins of the old city, and many of the streets still look the same as they did centuries ago. It was a wealthy trading port in the early 20th century and was home to Constantine Cavafy, the greatest Greek poet of his era, and the novelist E.M. Forster. Despite the changes that have occurred over the years, Alexandria is still a great city to visit, and its streets are as lively and intriguing as ever.



When you come with us on a tour to Alexandria, we'll take you to see some amazing sights like the Citadel, Fort Qaitbey, the Roman theater, and the catacombs of Kom al-Shoqafa - the biggest Roman cemetery in Alexandria. If we have enough time, we might also visit the World War II cemeteries of Al Alamein. One of the most famous old things in Alexandria is Pompey's Pillar. It's a really big column that's still standing from a long time ago. It's in a place called Alexandria's ancient acropolis, which is a small hill near the city's Arab cemetery. It used to be part of a temple, but a long time ago, some people destroyed it because they didn't like the religion it was connected to. The name "Pompey's Pillar" is a mistake because it was actually made for Diocletian a long time ago. If you like diving, you can do that in Alexandria too. You can swim over the top of Cleopatra's City and see the columns. There are also lots of shipwrecks to look at. Alexandria is a place that lots of people like to visit - both people who live in Egypt and people from other countries. It's a really nice place by the sea with a good climate. Our tours to Alexandria take about three hours from Cairo, but sometimes it can take longer to get back because of the traffic in the afternoon.

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