Aswan is a beautiful city in the south of Egypt that has a great view of the Nile River's first cataract. It used to be a town where the Nubian people lived many years ago and now it is a famous place for tourists to visit. You can go to Aswan by boat, train, car, or plane, but most people take a plane or train.   There are many interesting things to see in Aswan. One of the most famous places is the old quarry, where people used to make pyramids and statues a long time ago. You can see an unfinished obelisk there that was made from rock 3500 years ago. There are also some old tombs nearby.   Aswan has many museums you can visit. The Nubian Museum is a great place to learn about Nubian history and culture. There are over 5,000 things to see in this museum and it is very well organized.   Aswan is also famous for its ancient temples, like the Temple of Philae. It is on an island and is dedicated to a goddess named Isis. Another popular place to visit is the temple complex at Abu Simbel. There are two stone temples there that were built a very long time ago.  



The bazaar in Aswan is famous for its colorful things, like Nubian skullcaps, long scarves, baskets, trays, jewelry, and spices. You can also buy Galabiyyas and embroidered Nubian robes that are ready-made or made to order. Overall, Aswan is a great place to visit if you want to have a special and unforgettable experience. Aswan is a lovely place that visitors will enjoy. You can experience a traditional boat called felucca, which is popular among tourists. Cruising the Nile in Aswan is a memorable experience that combines natural beauty and historical significance. Aswan is a peaceful destination with breathtaking scenery, making it an ideal place for honeymooners. There are restaurants in Aswan where visitors can try local dishes like fresh fish, fuul, kushari, and spicy okra in tomato sauce. Visitors should know that it's not easy to find alcoholic drinks in the town. Come and visit Aswan to see one of the most beautiful natural sceneries in the world.

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