Siwa Oasis is a unique destination in Egypt that is known for its mysterious and isolated vibe. It has historical significance and is a favorite among tourists who want to explore the Egyptian Desert and its oases. The oasis is situated 850 kilometers away from Cairo and is not located near the River Nile, which is the center of activity in Egypt. Despite this, the Bedouins who live in Siwa Oasis still hold on to their ancient traditions and habits. After a long journey through the dry Western Desert, you will be amazed by the beauty of Siwa. It is like a paradise island with many hot springs, salt lakes, and countless areas filled with olive and palm trees. In the town of Shali, you can learn about the culture by visiting the old ruins of the Shali Fortress, which is in the center of the town. You can also walk on the sandy paths to see the Temple of the Oracle. This temple was once visited by Alexander the Great himself to ask the Oracle of Siwa for advice. After a long day, you can relax and swim at Cleopatra’s Pool, where the queen herself is believed to have swum. Don’t forget to buy traditional Siwan Crafts to take home, and also visit the Siwa House Museum.



If you like adventure, you can take a safari in the great sand sea or try quad biking in the Western Desert of Egypt. Siwa is surrounded by saltwater lakes where you can't fish, but it has many olive and palm groves that have been famous since ancient times. There are more than 300,000 palm trees, 70,000 olive trees, and many fruit orchards. Different types of birds such as falcons and quails are attracted to the area. Walking through the palm groves, you will feel the peaceful atmosphere of Siwa.In the center of Siwa is the old Shali fortress ruins built from a material known as Kershef. The fortress was built in the 13th century. You can walk to the top of the fortress for a beautiful view of the oasis and its surroundings. However, the ruins are slowly disintegrating after each rainfall.Siwa is different from other places because it has its own culture. Even though Siwa is very relaxing, it is still a traditional place. Every year, there is a big festival to celebrate Siwa's culture.

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