The White Desert, also known as Farafra, is a mystical and surreal landscape located in the western part of Egypt's Sahara Desert. The name of this natural wonder comes from the beautiful white limestone formations that dominate the area, giving it an almost extraterrestrial feel. The chalk-white rocks have been shaped by the wind over thousands of years, creating unique and fantastic shapes that give the landscape a dreamy quality.   Camping under the stars is one of the most popular activities in the White Desert. The open desert provides an ideal setting for stargazing, with minimal light pollution and a clear view of the night sky. We offer overnight camping trips, giving visitors the opportunity to experience the peaceful beauty of the desert at night and to wake up to the awe-inspiring sunrise over the unique white landscape.   For those seeking more adventure, sandboarding is a thrilling activity in the White Desert. The endless sand dunes provide the perfect terrain for sandboarding enthusiasts to slide down the slopes, offering a unique and exhilarating way to experience the vastness of the desert. Many tours include sandboarding as part of their itineraries, catering to both beginners and experienced sandboarders.



Besides its natural wonders, the White Desert is home to Crystal Mountain, another fascinating attraction. This mountain is renowned for its quartz crystal deposits, creating a sparkling effect that adds to the otherworldly atmosphere of the area. The Bahariya Oasis, which is located near the White Desert, acts as an entry point for many visitors. The area is surrounded by palm groves and hot springs, creating a refreshing contrast to the dry desert environment. Visiting the oasis can provide a better understanding of the region's history and the traditional way of life of the people who inhabit the area. Additionally, the Black Desert nearby is characterized by dark volcanic rocks and blackened sand dunes, which provide a stark contrast to the pristine white surroundings. The result is a diverse and dynamic desert experience. In summary, the White Desert in Egypt offers surreal beauty and unique activities. From camping under the starry sky to sandboarding down the dunes, each experience is unforgettable.

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