If you’re planning a trip to Egypt, you’re in for an unforgettable experience. You’ll have the chance to see many incredible sites like the Great Sphinx, Khan el-Khalili, and the Pyramids. Egypt is known as the Gift of the Nile, and there’s plenty to see and explore. Here is all the information you need to plan your trip to Egypt and serve as a guide, use this list as a reference to make sure your trip is one you won’t soon forget.

Important details to be aware of before visiting Egypt:

Visa on Arrival not for all countries:

If you’re a foreigner traveling to Egypt, you can get a visa when you arrive at the airport. You will need to pay US$25 for it. Sometimes it’s better to get the visa this way instead of applying for it online because the online system can have problems. However, not all countries are eligible for this type of visa. Keep in mind that this option is only available to certain countries. If you’re unsure, it’s best to get a tourist visa from your country before traveling to Egypt.

Paying hotels in foreign currency:

If you’re visiting Egypt and need to pay for your accommodation, it is important to know that as a tourist, you can pay for your hotel in foreign currency, either in cash or with a card. However, you should know that only Egyptians are allowed to pay in Egyptian pounds. The cost of the city tax, service charge, and VAT are all included in the price of your hotel room.


The Egyptian pound is the primary form of payment in Egypt. You have three options for exchanging money: in Egypt, in your home country, or through an app like Wise.


Is it better to carry less money with you? In Egypt, you can find ATMs almost everywhere, but it’s important to remember that you can take out money for free twice a month with your Wise card. Just make sure that you don’t have to pay too much extra money when you use an ATM to take out money.

Egypt is not all about Pyramids:

Egypt is a popular tourist destination because of the Great Pyramid, one of the wonders of the world. However, there is more to Egypt than just this attraction. If you take a camping tour in Bahariya Oasis, you will be amazed by the diverse beauty of Egypt. The area has beautiful deserts and mountains with natural rock formations of different shapes. Egypt is also a great place to relax and unwind. You can enjoy the beautiful beaches, which are perfect for diving in the Red Sea. Additionally, you can explore the historic Mediterranean city of Alexandria.


The majority of hotels offer strong Wi-Fi. However, purchasing an e-SIM or SIM card is the most effective way to access the internet anywhere in the nation. Select a prepaid SIM card when you arrive, and you will always have access to the internet.


In Egypt, it is customary for individuals who render services to be tipped. This corresponds to 5% to 10%.


Arabic is Egypt’s official Language, however, the majority of people can converse in English and/or know some Spanish or other foreign words.

Carry cash:

Bring extra cash for gratuities or to cover the cost of any outings or attractions, such as visiting temples or shooting photos of camels. Always keep modest money on hand because some places don’t take credit cards or have changed.

Comfortable clothing:

It’s important to wear comfortable clothes when you visit Egypt because you will be traveling through a desert. If you’re a lady, make sure you don’t wear clothes that show too much skin. You should also wear a hat, cap or sunscreen. It’s a good idea to bring a scarf just in case, even though you don’t have to wear a headscarf in Egypt. If you’re going to the beach, you can wear shorts, tank tops, sundresses and bathing suits.