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Our 3-day tour offers a chance to explore all of Egypt’s renowned landmarks while avoiding the sweltering heat. We begin by taking you to Cairo, where you can admire the pyramids at Giza and visit the museum that houses King Tutankhamun’s tomb before heading to the Egyptian Museum and Khan el Khalili. Following an exciting day in Luxor, where you can marvel at some of Egypt’s most breathtaking monuments such as Karnak and the Valley of the Kings, we will conclude our journey in Cairo before departing for home.


  • Hotel transfers in Giza or Cairo are managed by Marca Tours representatives without any additional charges.
  • Transportation services representatives at Both Cairo and Luxor airports.
  • Internal flight tickets from Cairo to Luxor and return tickets from Luxor to Cairo.
  • Private, air-conditioned transportation for enhanced comfort and convenience.
  • Private, air-conditioned transportation for enhanced comfort and convenience.
  • A professional tour guide in all of your tours in Cairo and Luxor.
  • Complimentary bottled mineral water to keep you refreshed during the tours.
  • Shopping tours during the visits.
  • All relevant taxes and service charges are incorporated into the tour.
  • Any extra services, activities, or expenses beyond what is mentioned in the program.
  • Entrance tickets to various attractions, which you must obtain at your own expense.
  • Accommodations in Cairo or Luxor are not included in the cost.
  • Tipping or gratuities for the Cairo and Luxor private tours, as this will be your responsibility to handle.
  • Flights from Cairo to luxor and Luxor to cairo will be upon availability and subjected for any price increasment before reservation.

Tour Itinerary

Day 1: Giza Pyramids and Saqqara Necropolis
  • A comfortable air-conditioned vehicle will pick you up from your hotel in Cairo or Giza. Your knowledgeable and licensed tour guide for the day will introduce himself and provide you with some information about the places you're about to visit. Feel free to ask questions during the drive.

  • Upon arrival at the Giza Plateau, you'll start your exploration of the iconic Giza Pyramids complex which are the Great Pyramid of Khufu, the Pyramid of Khafre, and the Pyramid of Menkaure. Walk around the pyramids to marvel at their grandeur and take memorable photos.

  • The guide also will take you through the great sphinx and the valley of King Kefren to know more information about ancient Egypt and learn about their mysteries and legends.

  • Then we will proceed to visit Saqqara Necropolis, the greatest necropolis in ancient Egypt. There, you’ll enter the Step Pyramid of Djoser, the world's first edifice entirely made of stone, and see the various elements of this ancient monument. Also, you will discover the intricate details of the mastaba tombs that belong to high-ranking officials of the Old Kingdom.

  • At the end of the day, your driver will drop you off at your hotel, where you can relax and prepare for the next day's journey.

Day 2: The Egyptian Museum, Saladin Citadel, and Khan el Khalil
  • Your day begins with a comfortable pick-up from your hotel by our guide. Our modern, air-conditioned vehicle will ensure a smooth and pleasant journey throughout the day.

  • Arrive at the renowned Egyptian Museum, home to an extensive collection of ancient artifacts and treasures spanning thousands of years of Egyptian history. Your expert guide will lead you through the museum's exhibits, providing insightful information about key pieces, including the iconic Tutankhamun collection, mummies, and stunning hieroglyphic artifacts.

  • Next, you'll proceed to the historic Saladin Citadel, a medieval fortress that offers breathtaking panoramic views of Cairo. Explore the stunning Mosque of Muhammad Ali, also known as the Alabaster Mosque, situated within the citadel complex. Here, you’ll admire the magnificent architecture and learn about its significance in both religious and historical contexts from your guide.

  • You can enjoy a lunch meal at a high-quality restaurant before continuing.

  • Go for Khan el Khalil bazaar after lunch. Your guide will help you navigate and provide insights into the cultural and historical significance of the vibrant stalls selling spices, jewelry, textiles, and traditional crafts.

  • As the day comes to an end, our driver will drop you off at your hotel overnight and get ready for your flight to Luxor the next day.

Day 3: Cairo to Luxor by plane
  • A comfortable air-conditioned vehicle will pick you up from your hotel in Cairo. Your driver will assist with your luggage and drive you to Cairo International Airport, where you'll catch your early morning flight to Luxor (The flight duration is approximately 1 hour). .

  • Upon arrival at Luxor International Airport, you'll be greeted by a local guide who will be with you throughout the day. The guide will hold a sign of Marca Tours for easy identification. .

  • Begin your day by touring the West Bank of Luxor as your first stop is the iconic Valley of the Kings. A special place where important people from ancient Egypt were buried. It was used for more than 500 years, a long time ago. Kings, their wives, and other important people were put to rest in tombs that were made of rocks and you will see some of the best tombs there. .

  • Next, you'll visit the Hatshepsut Temple, which was built for the god Amun and for the special queen herself. The walls of the temple have detailed pictures that show how Hatshepsut became queen, her strong army fights, and her meetings with gods. .

  • Then, make sure to visit the colossal statues known as the Colossi of Memnon. These statues were originally guarding a temple that no longer exists. You can learn about their history and why they were important to ancient Egypt. .

  • Stop for lunch at a local restaurant, where you can savor traditional Egyptian cuisine, and then continue the day tour. .

  • After that you will proceed to the east bank to visit the impressive karnak Temple, the biggest between all Egypt temples which was dedicated for the god Amon Ra .

  • By the end of the day you will head to Luxor Temple. This temple was primarily built by the pharaohs of the New Kingdom and was a key location for the annual Opet celebrations. .

  • When you end your day tour our representative transfers you to Luxor airport to catch your flight to Cairo then transfers you to your Cairo hotel and ends our service. .

  • You will receive the final confirmation via email, once you have submitted your booking. Kindly keep an eye on your inbox for the confirmation details.
  • No payment will be deducted from your account until you have received the confirmation email. We value your satisfaction and will only proceed with charging your account once the confirmation has been successfully sent.
  • Please note that only 30% of the total amount will be deducted online as a deposit. The remaining balance will be paid in cash upon your arrival to Egypt in either Dollars or Euros.
  • The duration of each daily tour is approximately 8 hours, while the half-day tour typically lasts around 4 hours. Please be advised that if the tour exceeds these time ranges, additional charges may apply.
  • After receiving the confirmation email, one of our representatives will promptly reach out to you to confirm the departure point and time. We understand the importance of accurate information and ensuring a smooth experience for you.
  • Tipping is not included in any of our packages and leaves to the discretion of the travelers. Although not mandatory, it is of great importance to people who will take care of you while traveling.
  • For private tours, some fees may be applied, to know more please contact us. We are more than happy to provide you with all the necessary details and assist you in customizing your private tour according to your preferences.
  • For any other assistance or inquiry before and after booking please don’t hesitate to reach us via WhatsApp or email.

Cancellation Policy

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