Sharm El Sheikh is a beautiful place with amazing beaches, colorful coral reefs, and great places to go diving. It is also in a location that is very special because it is at the very bottom of a place called the Sinai peninsula, near a big desert.    People also call Sharm El Sheikh the City of Peace because many important meetings about peace have happened there. You can go there to relax or to have fun. You can swim in the sea, walk around the town, or visit important places from a long time ago.   A little while ago, Sharm El Sheikh was just a small village where a group of people called Bedouins lived. But now, many people from different countries come to visit Sharm El Sheikh. There is even a special airport where people can fly directly from Europe to Sharm El Sheikh for a wonderful holiday.   Sharm el-Sheikh is a highly popular resort that serves as an ideal base for exploring the region's stunning coastline and rugged interior. The area is comprised of downtown Sharm el-Maya, busy Na’ama Bay, and Sharks’ Bay further up the coast.   



The waters of the Red Sea at Ras Um Sid, Turtle Bay, and the Strait of Tiran offer opportunities for diving, snorkeling, and paddling. The superb diving in the area has earned it a worldwide reputation and is frequently voted as the best diving site in the world. The range and quality of dive sites, boats, and professional instructors are excellent. Even if you're a beginner, snorkeling or scuba diving is a great activity to try. A camel trek into the desert to visit Bedouin villages, mystical oases, and the mangrove forests of Nabq is a must-do activity. You can also stay in Sharm, enjoy the world-class international cuisine served at the beachfront restaurants, and dance the night away at the resort's discos and nightclubs. Tourists in Sharm El-Sheikh can explore cultural and religious attractions by visiting historical sites that are close by. Towards the east of the city, visitors can find The Monastery of St. Catherine. This is a very special Christian building that has survived for many centuries. The monastery has a rich spiritual history that is very important. There are also other monasteries in the Sinai desert, such as the monastery of Seventh Daughters. Towards the north of the city, visitors can find the famous Sirabit el Khadim temple of the ancient Egyptian goddess Hathor. This temple is very old and dates back to the time of the king Amenophis IV. Sharm El Sheikh receives the highest number of tourists compared to all other cities in Egypt, including Cairo, Luxor, and Hurghada. It is a popular destination for thousands of travelers who visit Egypt every year.

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